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Somewhere in Middle America

22 February
I'm 24 and a law student at the University of Dayton. I want to be a wills, trusts & estates lawyer. (If you have a relative for a lawyer, you know they want to hire me b/c i need a job.)

I got married in june 2004 to Jeremy. I love being married. Every day is a learning experience and i'm growing personally and in realtionship with Jeremy.

I went to the University of Ketucky where I recieved a degree that literally certifies me to do nothing. Now I'm going to law school at the University of Dayton trying to make something of my life. I love my Wildcats much more than the Dayton flyers.

I am (was) Delta Zeta at UK and some of the girls there got me into lj. I have the cutest little chihuahua ever made. I also am an aunt and i love love love Taylor.